EEI Commander’s™ FS-­‐API™ Now Provides New Key Transfer and Bill Payment Features

by EEI1 Team1

EEI continues to expand its software solutions offerings with new functions and features. EEI Commander™ and the EEI Trusted Network Platform™ both leverage a proprietary FS-API™ which provides Financial Institutions’ clients with real-time, secure, authorized access to their own data.
Unique in the industry, the FS-API™ now has the ability to provide transactional money movement and bill payment between the Financial Institution and their end-client. This includes intra-bank and bank-to-bank transfers.

The FS-API™ works seamlessly within EEI Commander™, which aggregates financial data from a firm’s internal platforms and integrates with financial management front-end systems used by individual and business clients for Investments, Banking, Credit Card and Bill Payment.

The EEI FS-API™ is the premier API for the Financial Services Industry. It provides capabilities well beyond the industry standard, creating one API to rule them all by

• Enabling bill payment

• Facilitating holdings, security and money movements

• Providing a Tax API definition for all downloadable forms

• Accessing credit card information by using a specific API for transactions, statements, balances and secondary detail transaction information

• Defining the Financial Institution’s profile: capabilities, endpoint and marketing information

• Enabling checking and savings, account management and portfolio management

• Defining customer maintenance - including account registry, DC credentials and the customer profile

• Outlining loan information

EEI is leading the way in Fintech with a groundbreaking API that enables Financial Institutions to block screen scrapers and prevent excessive server usage. By creating a path for application developers to connect end-users with their Financial Institutions in a secure, real-time way, EEI gives control of the data back to the Financial Institution. EEI’s key value proposition is the ability to navigate a bank’s labyrinth of data and provide secure, reliable access to all client financial data via our unique FS-API™.

To download EEI’s FS-API™, register at our website

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