System Stability

Case Study

System Stabilization

Eliminating disruption while migrating legacy to new


  • A leading financial institution experienced significant stability and performance issues with its money movement systems.
  • Outages related to unexpected growth in usage and application design issues led to missed SLAs and spikes in customer complaints.
  • Overly complex database design, substandard latency in cross data center replication and out-of-date processes created unexpected risks during outages that prevented automatic failover.
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  • EEI’s team of domain and subject matter experts conducted an extensive analysis of all aspects of the department’s money movement systems, databases, replication strategy and future state plans.
  • EEI redesigned the system’s databases and modified data server configurations, buffer pools and partitioning which led to increased performance across the entire tech stack.
  • EEI developed several bespoke future state options for consideration and, working with senior management, advised in the decision-making process to lead the company to its most viable options.
  • EEI implemented a series of parallel projects building software while running training sessions so the firm could continue successful development themselves in the future.

Business Value

  • Quickly reconfigured database and replication software, helping the firm increase both capacity and performance on existing infrastructure.
  • Established a future state money movement system from initial concepts and discussions through development and production implementation.
  • Assisted senior management in objective evaluation of multiple technology platforms and third-party systems leading to best technology choices for their combination of business needs, staff skills and location.