Engineering & Development

EEI has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the markets. By combining our services and software, EEI creates custom deliverables to achieve our client’s objectives.

Engineering & Development

EEI provides innovative engineering of high-performance, high-availability solutions. The extensive experience of EEI’s engineering staff in the design, delivery and support of advanced platforms has made it the strategic partner of choice for leading Financial Services firms. 

The Engineering Team at EEI consists of industry leaders in database performance and application engineering. The engineering team has architected and implemented mission critical technology solutions by leveraging its expertise in four practice areas:

  • Platform
  • Performance
  • Process
  • People (Organization)


Platform Engineering

Software Development and Design
As a strategic partner, Enterprise Engineering works with clients to create custom applications resulting in increased ROI and lower maintenance costs. EEI also re-engineers existing platforms for the transformation and modernization of legacy platforms including migration from mainframe to distributed platforms and migration from one database platform to another. The EEI team provides a full offering including analysis, design, development, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Infrastructure Review & Analysis
EEI conducts comprehensive reviews of global computing environments which are inclusive of hardware, software and network deployments. This review results in a current state deliverable detailing gaps and areas for improvement along with a series of recommendations and multi-phase implementation plan. Focus areas are based on client objectives which often include increased asset utilization, lower IT support costs, optimized workflow, streamlining of batch processes, identification of vulnerabilities and risks in the ecosystem and improved client service.


Performance Engineering

Performance is a key characteristic of every platform. It can be the differentiating factor in client satisfaction, growing revenues and leading the market.

EEI has a long history of being a leader in the area of Performance Engineering. This practice addresses all aspects of a client’s platform. EEI engages with clients on strategic reviews as well as forensic / remediation reviews to address critical issues.

As part of its Performance Engineering practice, EEI provides the following services:

  • Identify and quantify performance bottlenecks through a root cause analysis focused stability and scalability as well as performance
  • Review of hardware bottlenecks, sub-optimal application code and network latency
  • Adherence of platform design to Best Practices
  • Recommendations for Performance Improvement Opportunities including prioritization and implementation planning
  • Evaluation of Database Design, Indexing Strategies, and Physical Deployment


Process Engineering

Engineering is a holistic approach to optimizing an ecosystem. Performance and Platform are only two of the four critical aspects. Optimizing the processes which surround a platform has a multiplication effect which drives system effectiveness and efficiency. Weak processes counteract the results achieved by performance and platform engineering.   EEI incorporates process optimization in its overall engineering of the systems environment

  • End-to-end business process analysis through detailed information gathering
  • Extensive process flow diagrams across all business dimensions
  • Comprehensive examination of the business and how technology can be applied to amplify business results
  • Scenario analysis to present process redesigns which can augment business results


People (Organizational) Engineering

At the core of every ecosystem are people. The fourth dimension of P4 engineering is an organizational assessment which includes the current state of the organizational structure, identification of existing skills, and current role and RACI definitions in contrast to existing platforms and the firm’s strategic objectives. EEI’s analysis of these dimensions provides recommendations for a Target State Organizational Structure, Skill Gaps, Roles and Responsibilities accompanied by an implementation plan which incorporates a change management component.

People are the most valuable asset in any organization. EEI recognizes the criticality of this engineering dimension and works closely with its clients to integrate organizational redesign with performance, platform and process engineering.