EEI has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the markets. By combining our services and software, EEI creates custom deliverables to achieve our client’s objectives.


EEI has established a DevOps Center of Excellence based on its expertise in Agile & Lean along with its established methodologies for Performance and Quality of Service improvements.

Our Center of Excellence in DevOps is based on our history of successful end-to-end execution and our culture of collaboration. EEI has extensive experience in creating cross-functional teams that combine Development, QA and Operations to deliver value to their clients through implementation of quality solutions.

DevOps creates a single team across Development, Quality Assurance and Operations to achieve business & technical benefit.

Continuous Software Delivery provides:

  • Faster Delivery of Functionality
  • Higher Quality Releases
  • Increased Platform Stability
  • Quicker Identification / Resolution of Issues
  • Reduce Time to Deliver New Features
  • Reduction of Waste & Bottlenecks



To help clients determine DevOps organizational readiness, EEI conducts a first level readiness assessment based on EEI’s proven Improvement Opportunity Scan (IOS) methodology. This is designed to quickly evaluate and assess DevOps capabilities with minimal investment.  

  • Current state readiness assessment evaluating a variety of core capabilities including; application portfolio & architecture, tools to build and deploy, testing environment / capabilities, monitoring and level of staffing to optimize the software delivery continuum.
  • Review and measure of current readiness levels based on a predefined DevOps criteria, benchmark and scorecards. 
  • A comparison matrix scoring of capabilities and interdependencies across the DevOps value chain; plan & measure, build & test, release & deploy, monitor & optimize.
  • Recommendations, adoption roadmap and implementation plan to optimize DevOps value chain.


Strategy and Architecture

To achieve an optimal DevOps state, a sound strategy and implementation plan are needed. EEI’s proven Improvement Opportunity Portfolio (IOP) strategy and implementation methodology in conjunction with DevOps principles and guidelines enable an organization achieve continuous integration and delivery.  

  • Multi-Phase Strategy and Implementation encompassing in depth Discovery & Analysis across a variety of technologies and functions including; collaboration, planning, issue tracking, monitoring, configuration management, source control, testing, environmental and deployment capabilities.
  • Business objectives and drivers to ensure alignment and understand dependencies with DevOps operating model to support continuous delivery.
  • Strategy and objectives to drive key DevOps principles (Steer, Develop, Test, Deploy, Operate) taking into consideration current capabilities (People, Process, Technology, Development, Operations and QA).     
  • Reference architecture and operating model based on the DevOps maturity continuum; enhancements to toolset, measurement and monitoring capabilities. 
  • Ongoing short, medium and long-term implementation planning and roadmap to achieve the desired DevOps maturity. 


DevOps Governance

To Optimize the software delivery pipeline and maintain program objectives, Governance Services are available.

  • Implementation of Standards and Practices.
  • Governance framework and process.
  • Process & technology enablers to deliver optimal DevOps value chain of services.
  • Establish policies, procedures and guidelines for development, testing, deployment and operating model for DevOps Governance & Services
  • Establish DevOps Governance Operating Model, Implementation Plan & Roadmap
  • DevOps Change and Release Management Services including Best Practices and Policy & Procedural Guidelines.