Strategy and Advisory

EEI has provided Strategic Advisory Services to the Financial Industry for over 20 years. In Partnership with our clients, we provide key deliverables from Vision through Implementation and Governance.

Strategy and Advisory

Lifecycle of Strategy Capabilities

EEI has an advisory team comprised of industry experts who are skilled in assessing diverse aspects of an organization and providing artifacts which are the foundation for the Future State Vision, Execution Roadmap and Implementation Planning.


Current state readiness assessment evaluating core capabilities including

  • Technology: architecture, application portfolio, tools across development, QA and deployment, environments, monitoring
  • Organization: structure, roles, skills, staffing levels, locations and gaps
  • Business Objectives: short term and long term business strategy, existing capabilities vs. capabilities required to achieve business goals, alignment of business and technology

Recommendations and a Target State result from the current state assessment

Roadmaps and implementation plans are provided as a framework for the investment and execution of the recommendations

Solution Architecture & Design

The design of a platform defines its performance and relevance both now and in the future.   The engineers at EEI are masters of elegant yet simple architectures that stand the test of time – creating a foundation for requirements not yet known.  Design Standards and Guidelines are part of EEI’s toolkit along with an established design methodology that employs a model to describe the architecture. 

Data Strategy – The Power of Many becomes the Power of One

Data Strategy unlocks the power of data providing business intelligence, analytics and timely information to organizations.  EEI is a company that has been founded and built by data engineers immersed in the business of financial services.  They are uniquely able to harness the intelligence in vast amounts of data to provide business solutions.