EEI Commander™

Giving clients accurate, continuous, automated access
to their financial transactions

EEI Commander™

The Commander software solution enables Financial Institutions to harness the power of their data to

  • Drive customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention
  • Enhance efficiency through operational streamlining and technology rationalization
  • Comply with the complex regulatory environment
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Establish clear brand identity and unique differentiation


Commander downloads financial data from a firm’s internal platforms and integrates with financial management front-end systems used by individual and business clients. Business services include...  


Clients can access investment data and transactions.


Provides the ability to access information on a client’s specific 401(k) investment or can be part of a larger investment view.


Provides bank customers with secure real-time access to transactional banking services via financial institution websites.

Credit Card

Supports credit card issuers by connecting card holders to data such as balances, available credit, and transaction history. Also enables customers to pay outstanding balances from a linked checking account.

Bill Payment

Allows customers to receive and pay their bills through secure electronic, integrated interfaces.


**Documentation for the FS-API is available upon request