EEI’s FS-API™: a real time, multi-protocol connector and the first API tailored to the Financial Services Industry


EEI’s FS-API™ for Financial Institutions  - Access Your Data

EEI’s FS-API™ is the first API to provide secure, reliable, direct access to all client financial data. This multi-protocol, multi-channel API is tailored to the Financial Services Industry and provides capabilities well beyond the industry standard. When using EEI’s FS-API™ with EEI Commander™, you can leverage capabilities including:

  • Bill payment
  • Holdings, security and money movements
  • Tax API definition for all downloadable forms
  • Access to credit card information for transactions, statements, balances and secondary detail transaction information
  • The Financial Institution’s profile: capabilities, endpoint and marketing information
  • Checking, savings, account and portfolio management
  • Customer maintenance - including account registry, DC credentials and the customer profile
  • Loan information

For the first time, front-end applications have access to authorized client financial data and can seamlessly integrate to any third-party, without the problems and cost associated with screen scraping.

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** Documentation for the FS-API™ for Financial Institutions is available here


EEI’s FS-API™ for Application Developers - Access to Customer Data with Authorized Credentials

EEI's FS-API™ is a universal connector that can quickly integrate to any current environment. Developers can use EEI’s FS-API™ to directly connect to Financial Institutions without storing any data or end-user credentials. 

EEI’s rich API facilitates application development, positioning developers for tomorrow and the future.

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** Documentation for the FS-API™ for Application Developers is available here