Tax Navigator™

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Tax Navigator™

Tax Navigator provides a single point of secure and instant access to W-2, 1098, 1099 information along with ACA reporting for the enterprise. With this solution, companies can provide customers and employees with instant access to their tax information imported directly into market leading personal tax software programs, accounting software, and proprietary applications.

As an enterprise platform, Tax Navigator compiles ACA information into one reporting warehouse. Employees can view their data through the enterprise’s front end of choice.

For Financial Services firms 1098 & 1099 tax data is downloaded into the preferred tax reporting front end and is also provided as files required by the IRS.

Enabling firms to provide tax information for their clients and employees has significant benefits.

  • Manual efforts in preparing tax documentation are significantly reduced
  • There is a noticeable reduction of errors in reporting
  • Corrections are easier to administer
  • A single source of tax data is cost effective and efficient
  • The burden on HR staff during tax season is reduced while they provide a better level of service.