Our Story

Our Story

Who We Are

The EEI team is comprised of technology and solution driven financial industry experts in Asset & Wealth Management, Capital Markets & Banking. Being the first to market sets the tone for taking a leadership position. Since 1995, we have helped our clients with growth and expansion, gaining a competitive edge among their peers within the industry.

Our Mission

As global markets move quickly towards a Digital ecosystem, Financial Institutions struggle to keep pace as legacy systems pose significant constraints around transformation. The challenges of managing ever increasing massive amounts of data in parallel with modernizing enterprise application platforms is a rigorous ongoing challenge. Modernizing and repurposing legacy assets to navigate the challenges of financial data sharing, standards, regulation and governance continue to be our standard for over 23 years. These challenges are opportunities to share our knowledge of adopting modern techniques within emerging tech including agile practices while mastering the data supply chain of finance. We are the authority in terms of readying major financial institutions for emerging Open Banking regulations.


Your financial data is the backbone and the competitive advantage. Tap into the expertise to accelerate all data assets to ready.