Our Podcasts

EEI is pleased to be offering this series of informative podcasts covering a broad range of financial services topics.


What is Open Banking / Open Finance?

This is the first podcast in a series brought to you by Enterprise Engineering. Inc. on the subject of the open banking initiatives disrupting the banking and financial services industry. This podcast lays the groundwork for the series providing the back story of how we got here, defining terminology and why open banking is important.

Informational Videos

A brief description of API certification: what is it and why you need it. In this video we describe EEI’s API certification process and then answer the question: why do I need to certify?

In this video we show a typical big bank infrastructure set up (greatly simplified) and the difficulties of enabling a standard API against multiple back ends.

A look behind the screen scraping technology.
Do you know what screen scrapers collect when you hand them your banking credentials?  Do you have any idea how they go about getting your data? You’re going to be surprised by the screen scraping process.