BI Strategy

Case Study

BI Strategy

Infrastructure Analytics to drive enterprise consumption and time-to-market procurement decisioning.


  • A leading asset management firm was faced with rising storage and infrastructure costs, compounded by limited visibility into consumption and no metrics to support the purchase of additional hardware assets.
  • There was also a need to unlock operational data for advanced analytics to improve time-to-market insights, cost and profitability analysis.


  • EEI’s experts in data strategy and architecture practices defined a future state data and business intelligence capability.
  • EEI’s results armed key stakeholders with enhanced analytics, KPIs and operational metrics to support spend analysis, minimizing excess procurement of data center and distributed computing system assets.

Business Value

  • Eliminated the need to pre-buy disk storage by forecasting consumption saving millions in infrastructure and hardware cost.
  • Established a future state Business Intelligence (BI) foundation through data discovery and suitability practices. A rapid BI Proof of Concept was employed which provided an open framework to add and enrich KPIs and metrics across other key domain areas for time-to-market and cost/profitability assessments.